Thakur Galaxy offers the very best of real estate in Boisar. Located at the exciting confluence of Boisar's industry, commerce and greenery, Thakur Galaxy
offers comfort, class and interface with class-leading lifestyle.

Thakur Galaxy is plush with a super-cool basketball court, a fabulous kid's zone, comfortable cabanas for your private moments, ample parking space, a lawn tennis court, a paved jogger's track, and a netted cricket pitch. Come then. Live at Thakur Galaxy, and let your family get attuned to the spirit of happy living.


Open your world to affordable luxury with our 1 RK apartments. Made to bring classy living to one and all, Thakur Galaxy's 1 RK apartments share a host of attractive features that mark their bigger siblings. So now you have the chance of enjoying best grade interiors, fittings, safety features and finishing, all at an affordable price. Also, with plenty of design and thought going into managing space efficiently in these 1 RK apartments, they hardly feel like one.

Come then, own one of these gems. Feel awesome, let the feeling sink in, and enjoy life as you've never had.


Live your dream of a comfortable, spacious and elegant home with our 1 BHK apartments. Made to let you experience the best of lifestyle and living, Thakur Galaxy's 1 BHK apartments are plush with the best of amenities, such as excellent interiors, elegant bathrooms, amazing safety features and stylish electrical fittings. Thoughtfully designed and constructed, these 1 BHK apartments always feel that extra bit premium.

Come then, take the plunge. Get one of these marvels, let the star in you take over, and feel the galaxy of comfort swirl around you.


Live in the arms of space and luxury in our 3 BHK apartments. Designed to give you the best of comfort and elegance, Thakur Galaxy's 3 BHK apartments have everything to make your everyday living a delight. With class-leading interiors, elegantly designed bathrooms, amazing safety features, stylish electrical fittings and top class finishing, these 3 BHK apartments don't just represent, but bring alive the word lifestyle for the stars in you and your loved ones.

Come then, give in to the lure of these masterpieces. Let elegance take you over, and feel the galaxy of elegance enliven your home and those you love.


The Garden Area has been specially designed to cater to a host of exciting outdoor activities. A premium destination for unwinding the garden area sports kids play area, jungle gym, jogging track, lawn and amphitheatre thereby ensuring a refreshed you is always around the corner.